The abundance of raw talent on IQulah’s native island of Jamaica is evident by the range of reggae legends  which have risen in the global music industry. But what separates IQulah from so many is his conviction. From an early age IQulah began to embrace the teachings of His Majesty, Emperor Haille Selassie 1st . As a youth he endured many of the hardships that rastas in Jamaica faced as a result of their decision to throw away the traditional “scissors and comb”. Nevertheless, IQulah’s confidence in the King of Kings never waned. Having overcome significant odds, IQulah began to spread the message of unity through his music.



call ep 

IQulah's newest release is a collection of tracks recorded in collaboration with South African band, Azania. Africa Call EP is available for digital download via all major digital platforms.

It Is I

Remix of the popular track "It Is I", produced by Ed Solo.

In 1989, IQulah released his debut album, Rasta Philosophy, followed by a second album, The Mission in 1993. Three more albums were later released, Rasta Live 1, Rasta Live 2 and Rastafari 4Eva, in 1994. Touring extensively throughout Europe, IQulah quickly established himself as a legendary performer, taking his audiences to higher spiritual heights. IQulah's most recent album, "Food For Thought" was released in 2015. 


iqulah rastafari

Food for

Thirteen track album: 2015

"Always try to utilize the road you walk as a plus to your development."

"JAH work must be done."